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Ganesh Man Singh Academy


Achievements to Date:

Ganesh Man Singh Ji

To achieve the goals, the Academy carried out quite a series of work in the past and has a target to do much more in the coming years. The Academy believes that increasing awareness in the people will promote democratic process. It organized seminars and workshops on a wide range of issues including the preservation of democratic ideals, political ethics and in the working democratic system in South Asia vis--vis the World. It has made one of its announced agenda items to ceremoniously remember and observe the sacrifices of martyrs and other fighters for democracy. Felicitating the people who made memorable contributions to political and other fields is also one of its practices and goals. The Academy has been working to provide educational opportunities especially to girl children from villages and from disadvantaged segments of the society.

Fiscal Resources:

The Academy depends on resources generated from its activities and contributions from the government and other public and private sector organizations. It aims to create an endowment fund in order to be sustainable on its own to carry out the goals and objectives stated above. The academy expects fruitful cooperation and assistance from all individuals and institutions in order to realize the goals of democracy so passionately cherished and upheld by the Late Ganesh Man Singh.

Strategy of Operation:

All Dignetories The Academy will operate through the mobilization of human and other resources to honor people who have contributed to the achievement of democratic ideal and process, to the cause of humanity, peace, brotherhood and socio-economic upliftment. It will do so by documenting and propagating their records through appropriate measures, bring out factual statements through studies and research and honor them by bestowing rewards and recognizing their deeds. The Academy will also work to uplift the downtrodden and disadvantaged groups in the society, will work to impart skill as a measure to alleviate unemployment, ( one of the cherished goals of Late Singh ) and work within its limit towards the creation of a just, peaceful and humanitarian world through the networking of like minded institutions and eventually promote universal brotherhood. It will establish a GANESH MAN SINGH village where necessary infrastructure will be created to deliver various services. It will adopt other necessary strategies to accomplish its mission and goals.

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Contact Information: Ganesh Man Singh Academy
Bhrikuti Mandap,
G.P.O. Box 13955,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone: 246955
Fax: ( + + 977 1 ) 246955

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