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Ganesh Man Singh Academy


Introduction :

Ganesh Man Singh Ji

Ganesh Man Singh Academy was established in 1995 as an institutional measure to meet the mounting pressure from Nepalese intellectuals, professionals and a wide variety of people on the need of some kind of foundation after his name. Although Ganesh Man Singh has already become an institution by himself after over 5 decades of an unusual chain of sacrifice, suffering and struggle for the cause of democracy, most people in Nepal and some intellectual outside of Nepal were tacitly feeling an urgency of setting up a comprehensive Academy. The cumulative expression came in the form of Ganesh Man Singh Academy.

Mission :
The basic mission of this Academy is to promote the ideals cherished by Ganesh Man Singh in an effort to promote universal brotherhood and world peace through the creation of just and equitable social order that fully respect human rights, humanity and social welfare through the appropriate forums, studies, research works, publications and humanitarian activities.

The Major Objectives:

To conduct and facilitate studies and research works on the democratic movement and democratization process.
To conduct research on the contribution of Late Ganesh Man Singh and to bring it to people's knowledge.
To conduct research on the leaders and people who have contributed for the democratic process in the country.
To generate public awareness on historical events like the success of the mass movement and the constitution day.
To work for the strengthening of democracy and preservation of human rights.
To establish Ganesh Man Singh Academy University.
To establish International Research Center.
To establish International Democratic Socialist Study Center.
To establish Ganesh Man Singh Library and Documentation Center.
To work for the exchange of scholars and people of distinction.
To honor persons who have dedicated their life for the humanitarian values.
To work for the preservation of heritage, culture and environment.
To work to promote awareness on international peace and brotherhood.
To work for social justice and social movement.
To advance the cause of disadvantaged groups and work for their upliftment.

Father of Democracy
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Contact Information:

Ganesh Man Singh Academy

Bhrikuti Mandap,
G.P.O. Box 13955,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone: 246955
Fax: ( + + 977 1 ) 246955

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