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Friends of Nature- Nepal
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Friends of Nature / Naturefriends / Naturefreunde / Amici della Natura / Amigos de la Naturaleza sites
>>>>>>> Many of these sites are not in English! <<<<<<<

International Naturefriends - Vienna
International Young Naturefriends
Austrian Naturefriends - Linz Group, Zweigstelle Keferfeld
Austrian Naturefriends - Linz Group, Zweigstelle Urfahr
German Naturefriends - Augsburg Group (Site with frames)
German Naturefriends - Augsburg Group (Site without frames)
German Naturefriends - Frankfurt/Main Group
German Naturefriends - Görlitz Group
German Naturefriends - Hof Group (Kanugruppe)
German Naturefriends - Osnabrück Group (Frames)
German Naturefriends - Rüsselheim Group
German Naturefriends - Schwarzenbach a.d. Saale Group (Java needed)
German Naturefriends - Wuppertal-Cronenberg Group
German Young Naturefriends
Gruppo Italiano Amici della Natura - Home site
Gruppo Italiano Amici della Natura - Campaign at Mt. Graham, Arizona
Naturefriend House Bad Emstal
Naturefriend House Bärenhäusl (Hof)
Naturefriend House Feldberg
Naturefriend House Gersbacher Hörnle
Naturefriend House Johann-Simonis-Haus (Maschen)
Naturefriend House Roßbrandhütte (Radstadt)
Naturefriend House Steinberghaus
Naturefriend Houses in Rheinland-Pfälzische
British Naturefriends
NIVON (Dutch Naturefriends) - Blue Rivers for Europe
NIVON - Apeldoorn Group
NIVON - Gelderland Group
Swiss Naturefriends - Home Site
Swiss Naturefriends - Heerbrugg Group
Swiss Naturefriends - Rorschach Group
U.K. members Valerie and Benjamin's Tandem Cycling Pages
Young Greens of Slovenia
Young Naturefriends - Bremen (Frames)
Young Naturefriends of Poland
    Other environmental sites of interest
Agenda 21/The Earth Council
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)
Eco-tourism (being developed)
Friends of the Earth - U.K.
Greenpeace International
Green Web
Kyoto and the Global Environment
World Conservation Monitoring Centre - U.K.



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